Bridal Alterations

Bridal alterations specialist Cherilyn Leeson works closely with every bride to help create the perfect fit / look for their special day. This may include creating extra pieces that enhance the look according to the bride’s vision, or simply to fit the dress to perfection.

Cherilyn works on dresses that are plain, embellished, lace, beaded, gathered or pleated, and any size / number of layers within the dress. Dresses can be new, preloved or vintage and can be in any fabric.

On average there are 3 fittings for a wedding dress. These fittings are included within the cost of the alterations and last up to 1 hour per fitting.

1st – During the first fitting Cherilyn will look at the dress and pin the alterations whilst it’s on you.  At this stage you will be given a quote for the work required.

2nd – The second fitting is a work in progress.  At this stage Cherilyn can check the work that’s been completed and the fit before completing any final finishing touches to the alterations.

3rd – The third fitting is the final fitting. The details have usually all been sewn back into place at this point but there may still be some elements to complete before collection. The structural and fit element of the alterations will now be complete.


Fittings start around 6-8 weeks before the date of the wedding with the final fitting between 1-2 weeks before the big day to ensure the fit is perfect.

Appointments for fittings are available on:

Tuesdays 10am – 8pm

Thursdays 10 am – 8pm

Saturdays ONLY 9am or 5pm

However, Cherilyn is usually on hand to answer any questions.

The bride is required to bring the wedding shoes to all appointments, as well as the bra or underskirt / petticoat if you are planning to wear one. Cherilyn can add cups to a dress if required, bras aren’t required with all styles.

Alterations costs:

Without seeing the dress and knowing what work is needed it’s very hard to answer how much the alterations may cost.  The pricing changes depending upon the fabric, design, decoration, embellishment etc.  For example, a slimline 2 layered plain hem alteration would be vastly different to a dress with 10 layers and a lace hem that needs to be unpicked and resewn at the right length.

Most wedding dress alterations tend to fall between £150 and £350 in price.

Cherilyn has worked on ‘rescue the dress’ alterations.  This work has included major resizing work and repairing damages.  If you are worried about your dress not fitting or another problem with your dress, then please do contact us to book a consultation with Cherilyn and she will tell you what’s possible.